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Paper Topic:

four types of evaluation

Running head : Evaluation







Evaluation refers to the systematic assessment of an objects merit or worth . It is vital for any organization to carry out an evaluation of its workers with the main aim being to get feedback necessary for the overall improvement of the firm . Training of employees as well as the management team is vital in ensuring that the organizations perform effectively and efficiently . Evaluating the training programs offered to these workers is essential in ensuring that they are effective

and consistent with long term objectives of the firm (Trochim , 2006 . To evaluate or assess the training program , a four level model is used which was developed by Donald Kirkpatrick in 1959

The four level model of evaluation

Level one of Donald 's model is referred to as reaction . This involves evaluating or assessing the learners ' reaction to the training being offered to them . Attitude questionnaires are usually used in to measure the reaction . During this level , a learner 's perception about the training is assessed . This level of evaluation seeks to answer questions like whether the trainees enjoyed the training and whether the information gained was relevant to their field of work . All programs should be assessed beginning with this level so as to devise means of improving the training program . Reaction obtained during this level is vital in determining the learning process of a learner . However , it should be noted that positive reactions are not always a prerequisite of learning although...

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