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Of the tragedies we`ve read (Hamlet, Othello, and Macbeth), which is the best-written? Explain.


Literature is the reflection of life . Life is never a complete and joy and happiness are its essential part . Similar is a good piece of literature which carries these emotions in a way that cannot be separated . Thus when audience comes across such situation , they go through simultaneous experience of pleasure and disquietude at the sometime The tragedy of Hamlet by Shakespeare is also one of such plays where certain issues , developments , and outcomes evoke pleasure and disquietude at a time . The Hamlet 's relation with Ophelia is unique

which is at once pleasurable and pathetic . In the beginning when the beautiful Ophelia appears in act II scene I as , The fair Ophelia ? - Nymph in thy orisons ' The entire play is full of such lines showing her beauty and innocence . However , Hamlet 's attitude creates dissatisfaction among the audience especially after the death of her father

Hamlet 's tragic end also creates unrest in the minds of the audience because the character of Hamlet has universal appeal and significance His figure is larger than life and does not deserve the fateful end as he endured . His witty remarks and his discussions with Ophelia and Polonius create pleasure throughout the play . No doubt Hamlet 's irresoluteness has been the cause of his tragic death , but he was not a layman to act on impulse . He was a thinker and a fine soldier who rationalizes every thing . Ophelia , in a soliloquy deplores the fact that Hamlet is combination of the courtier , the scholar , and the soldier how could he loss his reason

O , what a noble mind is here o 'erthrown

The courtier 's , soldier 's , scholar 's , eye , tongue , sword (Act III Scene I Lines 151-152

The death of the queen is also a blend of pleasure and disquietude . She played a role in the murder of his husband , therefore she deserved a penalty , but she received the punishment at a time , when it was too late

In the end the overall impact and action of the play is perfect blending of pleasure and disquietude . We take a sigh of relief at the death of the king , because he is a merciless murderer and deserves death . We also feel relief , up to some extent , at the death of the queen because we feel justice has been done , but at the same time the premature death of Ophelia , the death of Leartes and the death of Hamlet create unrest . Especially in the case of Ophelia and Leartes the audience has no idea , why should these two innocent characters suffer such a tragic death

The effect of pleasure and disquietude can be found many plays of William Shakespeare , but in Hamlet , its different and unique from the rest of the plays . It is the crisis and the lingering dilemma in Hamlet that lingers on , creating doubt and suspense till the end . It is for this reason that I consider that Hamlet is the best written play among all Shakespeare 's plays...

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