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Paper Topic:

Should tobacco companies be held responsible for smoking-related illnesses and deaths?

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Should tobacco companies be held responsible for smoking-related illnesses and deaths


Table of Contents

Abstract .3

Introduction .4

Methodology .5

Results .6

Analysis .12

Recommendations .13

Conclusion .14

Work cited .15


This research paper answers the question : should tobacco industry be held responsible for the smoke related illness . It starts of by describing the consequences of

smoking . Tobacco industry should be definitely without question should be held accountable for manufacturing such product

The research has been done based on secondary research i .e . articles and books

Tobacco is basically a plant that contains toxic ingredients which are very dangerous for the people . The paper in detail describes the pros and cons of tobacco usage . Furthermore , it also entails recent statics of the tobacco usage and its effects

Health effects of tobacco are widely explained in categories : Eyes Digestive System , Heart , lungs , brain liver and pancreas , skin , hair bones and muscles

Tobacco is not only harmful for the smokers . It also affects the people around them . Those inhaling the smoke are called second hand smoke . This would cause health risks for children like asthma and for adults as well like respiratory , lung cancer and heart diseases

Moreover , tobacco has a strong influence on the environment as well Environmental impact includes the damages of trees to get wood for drying tobacco . Cigarettes require a lot of paper for...

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