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three theoretical perspectives in sociology


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The Functionalist Perspective on Solving the Economic Crisis

of the United States of America

Functionalism is the oldest sociological theory which still exists and dominates other perspectives in the social sciences (McClelland . It is also sometimes called the consensus theory ' because it does not aim at the conflicts arising in the society rather , it pictures harmonious social interactions and relationships . Functionalism was born during the 19th century as a response to a certain social crisis . This perspective believes that all societies

have basic needs that must be met by the society in for it to survive this is often termed as the functional requirements (Hewett School

Functionalism is also concerned about having the different parts of a society contribute to achieve a certain goal and suffice the society 's needs . In this view , Functionalism looks at the members of the society as participants in working towards an objective . It looks at a society as a whole and not as a group consisting of several individuals working in different and scattered aims . Moreover , the Functionalist perspective believes that every institution which can contribute to the survival of the social system as a whole is considered an essential part of the society

Economic and financial crisis is a phenomenon which every nation can possibly experience . However , when this problem struck America , which is one of the leading economies in the world , the world economy plummeted with it . Researchers , economists , analysts , politicians , lots of...

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