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thomas edison invents the light bulb

Invention of the Light Bulb by Thomas Edison

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November 15 , 2007


Known to researchers , it was not Edison who originally thought of inventing the incandescent lamp it was only him who furnished it with his brilliant ideas and concepts . He come up with it for 5 decades and finally decided to do what he thought , he revise and continued what other inventors did in the making of Electric light

among these inventors was Swan . He wanted to find a perfect practical electrical home light . So what he did was continue to study on this until he was able to perfect it with the help of his other assistant . It was through the help of his assistants that they experimented with different things like carbonized cotton thread , platinum and species of vegetable fiber They were so diligent and intelligent . They never surrendered in the experiment until they finally found a perfect material for the perfect electric light bulb . Edison wanted to find a material that would not easily be burn out and consumed while it produces the light so practically and less expensive that will be able to compete with the use of gas as lighting . There was such a great planning for this experimentation , it took Edison years to finally decided and laid up the perfect plan for the invention . Edison and his assistants encountered problems along the way as they conducted the experiment . Edison envisioned that a successful light would have to be incandescent so that it would not be burn along the process . He had technical problems as he started his invention . He experimented on different materials until he finally discovered a perfect tool for his perfect incandescent lamp This took place in his laboratory in the Menlo Park on October 1879 . It was on this date that Edison 's incandescent lamp was finally perfected The invention of Edison opened great opportunities to America and Edison himself . Many industries were built after his invention . Definitely Edison caused the America to be technically progressive for his

invention opened the doors for commercialism and built industries that practically helped the economy of America in one way or another . He also served as a model for the other hopefuls there to be like him . He serves as an inspiration for them , that poverty would not be a hindrance for one to succeed and achieve his dreams in life

Invention of the Light Bulb by Thomas Edison

Thomas Alva Edison , a United States inventor . He is the most famous of all Americans to make a career of inventing Edison was called the Wizard of Menlo Park ' which was his laboratory for sometime , found in New Jersey . He was especially important for his electrical inventions

Like many inventors of his era , Edison struggled to perfect a system of practical electrical home lighting . He experimented with arc lighting in 1875 , but...

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