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The thesis statement for this is : An increase in youth violence is due in part to a lack of parental direction, a debased popular culture, and an attitude among young people that others are responsible for their problems.

Cause and Effect Essay

In modern society , youth violence has turned into a serious problem Every day , we watch the broadcasts about youth shootouts , street fights physical abuse among teenagers , interspersed with stories of school massacres . Carter (2005 ) reports that statistics show that the juvenile court 's caseload rose 23 between 1989 and 1993 , while the juvenile population increased by less than 8 during the same period Naturally , a number of people have asked themselves the question : what drives this surge in youth violence . From the analysis of modern environments , it

seems evident that an increase in youth violence is due in part to a lack of parental direction , a debased popular culture , and an attitude among young people that others are responsible for their problems

While all these factors are undoubtedly important , one can hardly overrate the importance of child-parent relationship . A decline in these relationships causes a drop in youth self-confidence , ability to handle serious issues , and leads to lack of communication with adults in general . Too many parents these days have become obsessed with their career goals so that the time devoted to children seems a sheer waste In this case , children are often abandoned without the direction of people who would be able to guide and supervise them . The liberation of women , undoubtedly a worthy pursuit in itself , proved a challenge to traditional family setups since an increase in the woman 's absence from home was not compensated by an adequate increase in men 's presence and involvement . As a result , kids are left to figure out what to do with their lives on their own - and quite often the decisions they make are far from sound ones , leading to violence

Popular culture makes its contribution to youth violence . Media publishing grisly accounts of violent cases are in essence perpetuating these crimes since people tend to imitate the behavior they see especially if they are aware that it is going to attract attention to their personalities - something that seems so desirable at a young age Movies that now almost invariably feature gunfire and demonstrations of fighting prowess also contribute to the desire of young people take to guns or fight when they see a conflict arising . Modern culture simply does not provide them with recipes of settling conflicts other than violence , and in a way many of them probably diligently copy what they see on the screen

Finally , lack of responsibility among youth for their life also increases the desire to take it out on somebody through violence rather than find a more balanced solution . In part , this attitude , too , is created by the media and school that create an impression that children need to wait for adults to sort out their problems . While indeed adults could put in more effort in resolving difficult situations in their children 's lives , no one has the right to expect perfect solutions from somebody else . Tendency to rely on someone else 's ability leads to disastrous consequences at times...

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