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thesis report


It is not a secret that contemporary architecture and design works pretend to be as outstanding as it is possible . This writing discusses 3 unusual architecture ideas for further development of them and answering questions regarding their nature . After primary research the next three ideas have been chosen

Contemporary architecture contains clouds

The economy of urban design

Villages inside buildings

Questions are not similar for different ideas , nevertheless , each set of questions has been chosen to find out the base and secrets of unusual architecture nature of different

building and design items

The first idea is Contemporary architecture contains clouds

Is it possible to see examples of clouds in architecture ? Examples of the idea of cloud have been realized by several architects . For example by Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio in Switzerland (Blur Building Yverdon-less-bain , 2002 ) and Anish Kapoor in the United States of America (Cloud-Gate Chicago , 2004

How was it realized ? Blur Building , for example , is a suspended platform shrouded in a perpetual cloud of man which creates a fog and can host up to 400 visitors . Surely , it is not a miracle but science technologies only

What about a Cloud-Gate Chicago , USA by Anish Kapoor , this building does not look like cloud because it looks like a sphere made from a stainless steel but it has clouds reflecting on its surface and , maybe , it was an unique idea of the architect . What I wanted to do in Millennium Park is make something that would engage the Chicago...

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