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thesis-driven analysis

Emersonian Parenting

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In 1841 , Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote one of his most famous essays entitled Self Reliance ' as a means to illustrate the need for man to find truth within himself . Throughout Emerson 's work , he challenges the reader to superimpose his or her own constructs onto the premise . He invites the reader to apply the words to one 's own life and find the truth hidden there

If one were to apply the message within Self Reliance ' to parenting the challenge lies in taking

the necessary steps to influence children to greater independence then simply paying their own rent or cooking their own food . To believe your own thought , to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men , - that is genius (Emerson , para .1 . The process is not an easy one in our world of brand names and commercialism , where keeping up appearances is a prominent pastime . Emerson guides us in raising intelligent independent adults by beginning when they are small

Often times people over-parent a child , assuming the child is helpless and requires guidance through every occurrence in life . Emerson warns us not to think of children as helpless . Do not think the youth has no force , because he cannot speak to you and me (Emerson , para . 4 Instead , he challenges us to see the unique nature of a blank slate Preconceived notions on right and wrong simply do not exist yet Through our own actions and reactions , we begin to box in the minds of our children . We build little frames where they begin to find the answers to the world . If we impose limits on the possibilities for solutions , careers , lifestyle , etc , we limit the life of the child . We bound them in frivolity and superficial constructs . By releasing them from these limits we raise the bar in terms of their capacity for truth truth in themselves and in others . They are more free to discover what they see as true and real . They allow others to find their own freedoms as well , inviting free expression and thought processing for all

Children must be raised to envision themselves as trustworthy . Teaching children to guide themselves through life using their own principals and definitions lies at the heart of Emerson 's message . School systems take our children and feed them all of the materials that create good American citizens . In to socialize them into our community they are taught the words to the Pledge of Allegiance . In to measure their abilities in literature , science , history and math they are tested on regular basis . Instruction in the art of thinking within their own constructs is not offered , and thus must come from home

If we raise our children to believe that a well-reasoned path is one worth following if the heart demands , anything is possible , particularly in this country if the drive for change exists . Although it is against the grain of society...

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