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theology of human suffering

Clearly , Jerry was thinking about the unfairness of life and how he and his family did not deserve such thing to happen to them . Jerry remembered how , during the funeral , he found himself wandering in the darkness and randomness of things , losing control and direction helpless and alone , and he was unable to determine how he was going to go on with life despite the loss , for the sake of his three remaining children

From his experience , the most important thing that Sittser learned was the presence of hope in man 's

knowledge and wisdom to take control despite the most gruesome challenges and difficulties that come along in life . For him , life is not measured or defined by suffering , loss , or pain , but by how man gracefully took those challenges and difficulties and turned them into something positive and beautiful . In addition everything that happens , happens for a reason , and it is not in man 's place to question how life turns out but instead , to live within the righteousness of God in to find an inner triumph or spiritually that conquers everything , beyond pain , suffering , happiness , or contentment , etc . Jerry realized how pain and suffering is inevitable and learned how to live with it while making life a virtuous for himself and his family

Based on Jerry 's experiences , I have come to realize how difficult it is to handle suffering when it is rooted from an indefinable and imperceptible feeling of grief and loss . Although I understand what Jerry meant by gracefully handling challenges and difficulties , I could not lead myself to come to terms with the idea of living with sorrow When I place myself in Jerry 's position , I could not imagine how I would be able to accept everything gracefully and turn the experience...

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