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Paper Topic:

What is the theme of William Carlos Williams` `The Use of Force`? Explain.

Yuji Aragane

ENGL 101

Essay 1

February 22 , 2007

Supporting Children in Distress

In the short story , The Use of Force ' William Carlos Williams depicts a doctor 's experience with a sick young girl and her parents . He was asked to visit the family 's home in for the child 's sickness to be diagnosed , as she has been down with fever for the past three days . The doctor , however , believes that the child may be suffering not only from fever but from diphtheria . But the girl refuses to cooperate

br with him , with the pleas of both the parents and himself falling on deaf ears . In the end , he had to become physically aggressive with the child by forcefully opening the girl 's mouth and peering down her throat which revealed that she was indeed inflicted with diphtheria

Through the story , I found that the relationship between the young girl and her parents is more interesting than the interaction between the child and the doctor . This is because it holds the important key to understanding the dynamic interplay of the different characters in the story by showing the young girl 's unusual behaviors and the way her parents react to and behave towards her . I believe that she has actually been a different and unusual girl even before the doctor arrives to diagnose her , and that she did not suddenly become that type of a girl after the doctor arrived at her house . Through the action and behavior of both parents in the story , it can be shown that the cause of the child 's unusual behavior and aggression is linked to the environment that her parents have fostered within the family

The environment here basically means the specific way her parents interact with her . Through different types of social interactions , both inside and outside the house , children are able to form their own individual selves , which consist of their personality , their behavior towards other people , and even their outward appearances . In the first appearance of the young girl in the story , she is immediately painted as being different as opposed to her parents who appear normal . The mother is very clean and apologetic (80 ' while her daughter looks up at the doctor with her cold , steady eyes , and no expression to her face (80 ' In the doctor 's eyes , she appears to be as strong as a heifer (80 . From those s of their appearances , both the young girl and the mother seem to be calm . Yet , the young girl is like a time bomb that will explode once she reaches her limit because the doctor feels that she is like a heifer ' which implies that she would be very hard to handle once it become wild . Furthermore , her parents manner toward the doctor does not seem to be a lot different from how other people behave . When the doctor arrives at their home , the mother asks to be excused as she leads him to the kitchen where...

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