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Paper Topic:

teenage drinking


Background statement : The issue of teenage drinking has become a social and national crisis that merits closer inspection and deft handling There are concerns in every section of society on their menacing influence on its most vulnerable section

Thesis statement : The essay attempts to address the problem of alcohol abuse among youngsters . The extent and magnitude of its impact and potential damages


Problem of alcohol abuse and teenage drinking : Discusses the prevailing rates of alcohol abuse among adolescents

Teenage drinking , alcohol abuse and crime : States the possible

dangers and risks associated with continued use of s and alcohols on the physical and mental health of youngsters that leads a majority of them to crime

Remedy : States the remedies to address main causative factors that induce youngsters towards the use of alcohol and possible remedies at personal , family and government level to check the dangerous spread of alcohol abuse among youngsters

Teenage drinking and Alcohol Abuse in Youngsters

5 .07 .2007


The issue of increasing teenage drinking and alcohol abuse among youngsters has become a major social and health concern that merits closer attention and demands significant thrust and efforts by parents teachers and government . The problem of alcohol abuse takes especially severe implications in case of youngsters due to their greater vulnerability in becoming confirmed addicts of these substances Langfield , MacIntyre and Turner , 2006 . Statistics from Office of national control policy point out that over half the students in USA over half the students in USA try out at drinking before passing out high school , and around two third of them have at least drunk once (Fact Sheets . It 's also reported that use alcohol among American youngsters is highest in the industrialized world (Haier , Maddi and Wadhwa , 1996

The problem of alcohol abuse

Adolescents turn towards alcohol due to a number of reasons that include disturbed family background , history of substance abuse in the family , pressures from peers and friends , as a reflection of prevailing social trends and some times just for experimentation purpose (Prichard and Payne , 2005 . Thereupon alcohol abuse creates a whole set of medical , social , and psychological problems for the youngsters that adversely affect their normal development and growth path while creating an equally traumatic experience for their parents and peers . The persistent use of alcohol cause depression , moods swings , sudden volatile behavior , seizures , lack in concentration , lack in coordinated speech and behavior , stupor and increased suicidal tendency in the adolescents (Fact Sheets . Other problems related to and alcohol abuse are disrupted family life , self isolation and seclusion , disruption in functioning of central nervous system , and renal and hepatic failures (Haier , Maddi and Wadhwa , 1996

Teenage drinking , drugs and crime

One more area major risk associated with use of alcohol is that they have a strong correlation with juvenile crime incidents . Teenage drinking is often precursor to drugs abuse which further leads teenagers to crime . Various studies and researches have brought forth the fact that a majority of juvenile offenders who have been...

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