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Paper Topic:

Your task is to submit a report of maximum 1,500 words that answers the following 6 questions: 1. Is the vision and branding strategy for Biotherm mainly global or local? Explain and give examples. 2. Looking at the different types of needs that people ca


2009 Biotherm


In business , the term marketing (marketers ) and sales (salesperson ) are often interchangeable . In fact , they have different role in an organization but they are complementary . According to Philip Kotler marketers are those who have role to define value of a product using the perspective of customers in this perspective , modern enterprises are moving closer and closer to the concept of marketing based management It is then reasonable that , nowadays , enterprises pay great attention to marketing issues in to smooth the sales

Concerning the marketing issue

, this will elaborate marketing challenges of Biotherm , manufacturers offering skin-care programs that owned by L 'Oreal . The discussion includes the vision and branding for Biotherm

Vision and branding for Biotherm - is the vision and branding strategy for Biotherm mainly global or local ? Explain and give examples

Concerning Biotherm vision and branding , the company practices the approach of strengthening the product leadership . Biotherm constantly active new product development projects because of several reasons First , the product of the company has a very short natural life cycle The industry of cosmetics is a very actively changing industry . One of the reasons of such characteristics is because it is an industry driven by style , fashion and trends , some of the most complicated phenomena of culture that changes rapidly and constantly

Second , the company has a very vast market segment . It sold millions of products to customers in different countries and diverse cultures . Some product segment is aiming at young women as future...

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