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symbolism used in Poker Flat

Symbolism Used in Poker Flat


Human societies all across the world follow a set of beliefs which influence their attitude and thinking . There are certain values which are honored and followed by the members of these human societies . Among these values , the value of virtue and purity is considered to be most important for the welfare of the society . The significance to virtuous behavior and purity in human society is depicted in the short story The Outcasts of Poker Flat ' by Bret Harte . The story follows the journey of four

outcasts who are exiled from their community named Poker Flat . Although these four outcasts are expelled from their community for failing to follow the values of virtue and purity , they display their virtuous qualities in the course of their journey when they seek to protect a young couple of lovers . Through the element of symbolism , the author brings forth the mistaken notion of virtue held by the people in the community of Poke Flat


People regard that virtuous behavior is the most important factor which influences the welfare of a human society . If the members in a particular society are virtuous , then the peace and harmony in the society is maintained . But if some of the members of the society indulge in immoral behavior , then the peace of the society can be threatened . It is this thinking that induces the people of the town in the story The Outcasts of Poker Flat , to banish four individuals , who...

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