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How has sweatshops affected Ciudad De Juarez Mexico and the consenquences

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How has Sweatshops Affected Ciudad de Juarez Mexico

Juarez , Mexico Sweatshops

What are sweatshops ? Labor Departments around the world defines sweatshops as workplaces that violate two or more basic labor laws - it includes child labor , minimum wage , overtime and safety laws . Sweatshops conjures up vivid images of unsatisfactory working conditions , factories that are dirty , cramped reminiscent of turn of the century New York tenements where majority of immigrant women worked as seamstresses (Given

True to the assessment , sweatshops workers

report horrible working conditions , below minimum wages , no benefits , non-payment of wages forced overtime , sexual harassment , corporal punishment and illegal termination . In some instances children are found working in sweatshops instead of going to school as mandated by local laws ( Definition of Sweatshop

Most sweatshop operators thrives on notoriety as they force women workers to regularly take birth control pills to avoid pregnancy or abortion and for those women who defy the s , are not given maternity leaves and most often terminated . These conditions are the result of women 's illiteracy , ignorance of workers rights and access to workers union (Given

Why do sweatshops continue to proliferate ? In more advanced countries sweatshops are not tolerated by government , in fact they have line agencies that process reports of violation of existing labor laws . In the process manufacturers have to follow mandated codes that results in products that are not price competitive in the world market

Upon the fall of Communism , free market ' followed and the marked rise in anti-union sentiment . Governments likewise pushed for the encouragement of free trade that actually hastened the globalization process . This also brought the creation of the government initiative known as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA ) which seeks to abolish all known trade barriers among countries ( Sweat Shop Labor

In so doing , large corporations are now free to seek labor outsourcing particularly on the poor and impoverished countries with oppressive dictatorial regimes . Through suppression of workers freedom of speech and the right to workers union , low wages are offered that appeal to most large corporations . The NAFTA as an agency can enforce a minimum standard for workers rights only to some extent , but never on free trade zones (Mexican maquiladoras , where the workers rights provisions of the agreement simply cannot be enforced (Given

The Juarez , Mexico Maquiladoras (Sweatshops The city of Juarez in Mexico lies along the b with the United States , in fact only a 15foot wall separates the two countries . Because of the NAFTA provision on the creation of free trade zones (maquiladoras , Juarez became the center of trade with American multi-national companies . 90 of all the products churned out in Juarez are destined for the United States ( Delegation Objectives

In the Juarez maquiladoras alone thousands of young women are hired and are recipient of poverty level wages . Since the NAFTA provisions are not binding , inferior environmental regulation permeates the manufacturing plants and agricultural farms coupled with low tariffs , thus the maquiladoras had amassed...

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