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summary and reflection on Words that wound by Kathleen Vail

Words that Wound : Summary and Reaction


Words that Wound by Kathleen Vail is an essay about the effects of bullying on students in American schools . The essay starts with a re-enactment of Brian Head 's public suicide . Brian was apparently being bullied in school and resolved into committing suicide to escape the torture . Statistics of how many students are bullied are then showed afterwards , claiming that the performance in class of a staggering number of students is affected by bullying . Despite the statistics authorities have not paid much attention to

bullying , prompting William Head , the father of Brian , to start an advocacy against bullying However , even with Mr . Head 's efforts , bullying continues in their area Teachers often ignore the abuse that is going on in campus , and some of them even think it is part of the learning that the school provides . As a result of the fatal bullying incidents in Georgia , the state has passed an anti-bullying law


My first reaction to the essay based on the opening paragraph is that it reminds me a lot of the Pearl Jam music video Jeremy . Jeremy in the music video also committed suicide in front of his classmates . There is reason to believe that the video is partly inspired by the incident mentioned in this essay , although it is not really clear . My second reaction is that I am surprised that there are people who would take their own lives just because of bullying . I know kids can...

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