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Nickel and Dimed ' by Barbara Ehrenreich

In the article entitled Making Ends Meet ' written by Dorothy Gallagher , a summary and review of the book written by Barbara Enhrenreich entitled Nickel and Dimed ' is presented . The economic hardships that the author went through , as she takes on a personal investigation through experience , is narrated and is highlighted by the personal insights included in the book (Early 2 . From the

different jobs she took , she realized that there remains the difficulty of providing for herself the basic needs of food , shelter , and clothing ( Nickel and Dimed . However , there are certain aspects of the book that serves as its failures , mainly due to the acceptance of the author of the experiences she deal with ( Nickel and Dimed

For Early , the purpose of the article written is to present a detailed summary of the book and to encourage the readers to read the same . This reinforcement is for the readers to gain the lessons and insights that can be taken from the book . On the other hand , Gallagher has the intentions of presenting the book to be able to relate it to the present-day situation and assess its possibility . This is done in the last few paragraphs after the lengthy but concise summary given . Lastly the article entitled Nickel and Dimed ' serves to provide an alternate view that...

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