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summary and personal opinion of "basic teachings of the buddha" by glenn wallis

Buddhism is one of the most followed religions in the world . It ushered in Northeastern India in the late 500 B .C . as a monastic movement against the orthodox caste oriented Indian society . The world wide range of followers alters from 150 to 350 millions . Siddhartha Gautama founded this religion . Being a prince he lead a life of ample luxury and comfort . But no sooner did he realize the emptiness of his life he renounced his pompous and pampered lifestyle and opted to embark on a journey to the ultimate destination to seek

truth , enlightenment , and cycle of rebirths

Glenn Wallis cites a light philosophical insight on the teachings and idioms of Buddhism . A selected assimilation of 16 essential discourses extracted from more than 5000 Pali suttas of Buddhism . Wallis provides an illuminating insight analyzing in details the text containing Mahasattipatthana Sutta , Anapanasati Sutta , Sakunagghi Sutta Culamalukya Sutta , Tevijja Sutta , Sabba Sutta , Kesamutti Sutta Phenapindupama Sutta , Anattalakkhana Sutta , Bhara Sutta Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta , Gotama Sutta , Parayana Sutta , Nibbuta Sutta , Sankhatalakkhana Sutta , and Asankhatalakkhana Sutta

This compilation is a useful text and a valuable source book citing the selected fundamental suttas elaborately versed with an eloquent introduction and fairly understandable notes . Glenn 's accessible translation of the Buddha 's doctrines to his followers had given an opportunity to the twenty-first century readers in the modern west to take lessons of life from the great teacher

The enlightened Buddha is a figure vastly acclaimed throughout Asia since millenniums for his great wisdom that...

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