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four page summary over the book Ronald Reagan and the Triumph of American Conservatism

Historians rank Ronald Reagan too low . He did not destroy the liberal Democrats ' standing among lower- and middle-class Americans his political success was a product of that change . Over a period of several decades liberals had eroded their base among middle-class voters . For the American political structure to maintain stability , the powerful American middle class must get most of what it wants most of the time . Reagan gave them that without much pandering or trimming of his message . If he fooled his countrymen , as some of his liberal critics charged , it was

because they wanted to be fooled , which is the majority 's privilege in a democracy . Reagan adjusted details in his conservative message as times changed and he surrounded it with new visual images , but the tune never changed much : America was God 's chosen nation destined to create his City on a Hill the nation 's best days lay ahead in a future unbounded by limits government was the problem , not the solution Americans were overtaxed and overregulated hard work family , and community were the essential foundation of a healthy society peace depended on strength and the communist Soviet Union was an evil empire . His countrymen said that Reagan made them feel proud to be Americans , and by their votes they indicated that that pride was more important to them than any deleterious effects they saw in his economic program

Reagan would later say that his greatest achievement was restoring the faith of Americans in their own capacities . His model was the iconic Franklin Roosevelt , the "happy warrior " who had inspired Reagan as a young man . Stylistically , at least , FDR was inside of Reagan

Beyond doubt , the most politically stabilizing economic accomplishment of the Reagan years was the long-term reduction of inflation (Beschloss Cannon 2001 . The annual inflation...

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