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summary for osteosarcoma

Summary for Osteosarcoma

Osteosarcoma is , by definition , a sarcoma composed of bone-forming cells and is the most common of the primary bone sarcomas (Chang , et al , 2006 ,

.1026 . Its cause , like other cancer forms , is yet to be known and it is a deadly form of musculoskeletal cancer that most commonly causes patients to die from pulmonary metastatic disease (Mehlman , 2008 . Although the disease does not target any specific sites or bones , it predominantly affects the femur , tibia , and humerus

The disease occurs in blacks more than whites , males more than females

br and is not very common in children . It is more prone to those who experience rapid bone growth , are continuously exposed to high amounts of radiation , and are genetically predisposed . People who have osteosarcoma experience pain especially with activity . Other associated symptoms are rare but patients can have a palpable mass and involvement of joints or lymph nodes

Orthopaedic surgeons usually perform biopsy or wide resection to osteosarcoma patients . However , tumor staging has to be done first and this includes radiography , body scans , magnetic resonance imaging , and computed tomography scanning of the lungs . The purpose of staging tumors is to stratify risk groups and its key components are the histologic grade of the tumor , anatomic location , and the absence or presence of metastatic disease (Mehlman , 2008 . Laboratory studies also play a role in determining the severity of the disease . If a biopsy is not properly done , the situation can result to amputation of the affected area

Osteosarcoma can be treated with chemotherapy and surgery . Patients should also monitor the physical activity of the affected area . Follow up is important and patients should have laboratory studies done in conjunction with consultations


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Summary for Osteosarcoma...

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