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summary essay on `Fascinating Facism`

Susan Sontag 's Interpretation of Fascism in Art Literature and Sexuality

The concept of Fascism has evolved , expanded and applied into different fields of study . Even if Hitler 's regime had ended during the Second World War , the practice of fascism ideals and proliferation of materials continue to be manifested by personalities . This seeks to summarize Susan Sontag 's essay entitled Fascinating Fascism . The will look into the important points interpreted by Sontag regarding the application of Fascism in the examples that she gave in her essay

In the first

part of her essay , she elaborated the relationship and relevance of fascism ideals and the arts . She gave one example of a prominent photographer , actress and director during the Third Reich - Leni Riefenstahl . Sontag expounded on Riefenstahl works during her life . Sontag was fascinated in the way Riefenstahl applies components of Fascism in her work (e .g . perfection , beauty , purity and incorruptibility . Among the works that Sontag looked into were The Last of Nuba , The Mountain , The Fate of the House of the Habsburg , White Frenzy and S .O .S Iceberg . Sontag noted that in the works were Riefenstahl acted or directed it exhibited traits of Fascism . Moreover she elaborated on the facts and propaganda on each of the projects mentioned . Sontag detailed each endeavor and argued the lies in each project as propaganda 's made by the government to promote its interest promoting Fascism in all of Germany . Furthermore , she mentioned Riefenstahl relationship with Adolf Hitler and Goebbels . It is hardly accurate to describe Riefenstahl professional relationship to and intimacy with Hitler and Goebbels as her acquaintance with the Nazi leadership ' Sontog also pointed out all the necessary facts about the life of Riefenstahl . Though there were many rumored stories about her life and works , the essay pointed out different issues that need to be clarified so each reader will be aware of the original scenario that happened . These are her lifeworks , arrest after the Second World War Nazi inclination and propaganda issues . The essay also pointed out Riefenstahl defense against the issues alleged against her Furthermore , the article pointed out the response of the public and society in Riefenstahl claim . The idea 's and issues surrounding the public changed after the Second World War . Instead of dispensing a freeze-solid version of history from above , a liberal society settles such questions by waiting cycles of taste to distill out the controversy . Sogot in turn made the relation of Fascism to aesthetics She made a distinct of its categories including Fascist art Fascist art glorifies surrender , it exalts mindlessness , it glamorizes death

The second part of Sogot 's essay examined the relation of Fascism and sexuality . Sogot looked into the way Fascism continues to attract the public particularly in the areas of their sexuality . Sogot saw the fascination of people with things they little or barely know . No doubt some part of the general rise of interest in Fascism can be set down as a product of...

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