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A summary of FARC and AUC and their relationship, their effects on society, current counterterrorism against these groups and what the future holds for them.

FARC and AUC : Colombia 's Two Top Narcoterrorists Groups

Thesis : FARC is Colombia 's foremost left-wing guerilla group founded in 1966 and which had remained active for the last four decades in fighting for its cause which was to overthrow the Colombian government and replace it with an agrarian state . Just like any other terrorists groups it committed many crimes like murders and massacres not only against Colombia 's military forces but also of innocent civilians . The government had been trying to settle the issue with the FARC but so far peace

negotiations were fruitless and unsuccessful . To finance its operations FARC resorted to kidnapping , extortion and hijacking among many others . But the major bulk of financial support was provided by their involvement in narco-trafficking of cocaine and heroine . At present , FARC operations had slowed down due to combined aggressive offensive attacks by Colombia 's government forces and the US . The AUC on the other hand , is a left-wing paramilitary group formed in 1997 with the aim to protect the rich landowners against the harassment of FARC To cripple FARC operations , the AUC had targeted and terrorized its suspected civilian supporters through massacres and assassinations . The AUC was a brutal group that kills without mercy using violent methods so that they were accused to be the worst human rights offender in Colombia . Like FARC , the group was funded by narco-trafficking . At present , AUC had been demobilized by the government through an offering of amnesty and integration . The demobilization , however , was tainted with controversy because of AUC 's clouded ' political and military connections and there was a widespread suspicion that the demobilization was designed to protect AUC leader 's lands and wealth while at the same time ensuring their freedom from facing criminal justice . A present there are signs that the group 's comrades at large are still active in protecting and leading drug cartels

I . Introduction

A .Role in Colombia today 111111FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia ) is Colombia 's largest , best-equipped and organized left-wing rebel group and is reputed to be one of the world 's richest and most powerful guerrilla armies (Garcia 2002 . Active for four decades the group controlled almost half of the country of Colombia with strongholds mostly found in the jungles of the southeast and plains at the base of the Andes Mountains . FARC was responsible for many terrorist activities throughout Colombia , terrorizing both its local citizens and foreigners . Aside from that they were directly involved in drug trafficking to finance their guerilla operations . The Colombian government had been trying to end FARC insagrressive offensive attacks and making peaceful negotiations (which had failed again and again (Harper 2003 1111111The AUC (Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia ' or United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia , on the other hand , is a right- wing paramilitary group that aided the government in fighting against left-wing insurgents , particularly FARC The group had been freely committing atrocities in all parts of Colombia so that they were labeled as the worst human rights abusers of...

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