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How to be a successful college student


When starting a college , every body dreams of being a successful student and graduate with high grades to get into professional college easily and ultimately to achieve the career of your own choice . Well all this can 't be achieved by simply thinking to achieve it demands seriousness , will and aim . As a student , one thinks of having a very balanced experience of academics , activities , socialization , and fun In other words , one dreams of having richness ' Yes , one can get the best of the best

blends of these attributes , but the trick is of exploiting these for being a successful student

Becoming a successful student is a lifelong process and one must learn to cultivate the skills , values and attitudes needed to become a capable student . Here are few tips to guide you How to be a Successful College Student

You must know Why you are going to college ' Many college students really don 't have clear idea for in the college . Only when you would be clear , you would be a willing student who would be the student by your own choice and therefore , you would have interest in all activities of the college including the studies of course

Know Your Professors Well . Every professor has a different personality and system for running his /her classes , so it makes sense as early in the semester as possible to learn what the professor wants . Here are some ways to master your professors : Understand course expectations Most professors give out a class syllabus during the first week of classes -- and it is your responsibility to know requirements for the course . Understand professors on personal level Communicate with professors when you are struggling

Set your Clear Goals For Each Class . In to achieve ultimate aim in your future practical life that is , what do want to be in life decide your short term goals and short goals within your short term goals . Set your goals year by year , semester by semester and month by month , week by week , and day by day . You can decide specific goals for specific class . Setting your goals is important , but coping with failing to achieve those goals is another aspect to be considered by you . One must remain steadfast and determined , if you are unable to achieve 100 of your goals . Better technique is to aim for 100 if you want to achieve the target of 70 grades . And then prepare for 100 its for sure that you would get more than 70 but rarely less than 70

Accept Personal Responsibility to Succeed . As Abraham Lincoln once said , Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing ' Successful students tend to be realistic and recognize that their success or failure is primarily determined by their efforts . Only personal responsibility can instigate you and keep you motivated for the attainment of your goals and succeed

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