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Paper Topic:

substance abuse and need for treatment among juvenile arrestees






Substance Abuse Treatment in Juvenile Arrestees

Thesis Statement

Substances abuse has been an explicit problem affecting the society and especially the young people who have the potential for mental , emotional and physical development , as potential resources of the future


This research has been compiled through collection of data from various sources about the extent of substance abuse and treatment required for juvenile trustees . The contribution of the Department of Health and Human Services and the output of the Healthy People

2010 campaign on the health concern , health promotion and prevention initiatives have been explored . The past successes , failures and plan that address substance abuse and juvenile arrestees have been analyzed The departments approach and efforts address the identified health concern have been included in the and the appropriate recommendations acted


The process of educating young people extends beyond curricular requirements . More importance should be geared towards brain experience and strength . The successes of these efforts are important towards the growth and development of the child

Substance abuses together with their related problems have been centric to the concerns of the society in regard to the problems in the health status as well as social behaviors . One of the major detriments to the society is the escalating number of deaths , prevalence of Aids , high expenses of treatment and care of the affected individuals , eroded talent potentials road accidents , high levels of criminal cases and abandoned children (Gartain , VIahov Galai , 1996

Individual self destruction and involvement in acts of crimes have been linked to drug dependence . The use of marijuana for example results to some dangerous habits by the user , property destruction , theft , attack on persons and school dropout . Other drugs such as marijuana methamphetamine , heroin and cocaine among others result to even more advanced harmful effects resulting to illness low productivity , injury disability and high risks of STDs , T .B , hepatitis and HIV . Cancer damaged nervous system , brain damage and cell physiology are some advanced effects of substance abuse

The on set of substance abuse at juvenile develops behaviors which indicate mental diss exhibiting novelty-seeking ' related behaviors (Gartain , VIahov Galai , 1996

Stigmatization related to substance abuse hinders any measures for their treatment

Identified Indicators

Cirrhosis has been widely reported in individuals suffering of heavy drinking for a long span of time which is a cause of increased death rates in the society . Cirrhosis deaths have however declined as a result of alcoholism treatment and efforts of disease management coupled with high prices of alcoholic spirits (Shafter Philip , 1992

Cases of suicide , drug poisoning , psychosis and dependence have significantly been reduced by a reduction of drug abuse in terms of intensity , stage of indulgence and the number of people affected (Shafter Philip , 1992

The emergency department of the hospital receiving cases of drug abusers has reported cases of drug abusers due to dependence , gesture committing suicide , psychic effects etc . The emergency department assists the affected person with screening as a basis for intervention...

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