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strategic management: FedEx

The federal express company is a leading global logistics services company that is based in the United States of America in Memphis Tennessee . The federal express on the other hand is an express transportation company that was founded in 1973 by Fredrick W smith

Chapter 1

Company history and the evolution of its strategy

The federal express company has become very successful so rapidly since all their competitors became weaker almost at the same time . The corporation has built a super hub in Tennessee Memphis where all the packages being sent

from the United States of America are loaded and shipped out on the correct transport each night (Vance 1993

On the other hand the company has over 140 ,000 employees globally and it also delivers more than three million express packages to more than 200 countries on a daily basis . The company faced a very major change in the year 1998 when it changed from federal express to FDX Corporation

Even though federal express is now owned by FDX Corporation it still remains independent . The corporations ' strategy is to further corroborate on the selling and also synergies for all the FDX companies but on the other hand run the operations separately keeping each company 's markets and strengths separately

Company 's mission and goals

The company 's mission statement is to produce superior financial returns for the stakeholders by providing a high value added logistics transportation as well as related information services through focused operating companies . The mission statement further shows that the company has a very clear focus with the main focus being bringing returns to the stakeholders (Vance 1993

Secondly the mission of the company emphasizes on adding value above and beyond the services of transportation of items from one place to another . On the other hand the company 's mission is focused enough so as to keep it from diversifying into other areas and this will further allow the company to grow in all the areas

Similarly the company 's philosophy is based on hold a people-service and the people ' goal is a continuous improvement of the company 's management leadership . The service ' standard on the other hand is the 100 per cent customer satisfaction whereas the profit ' goal is very essential in the company 's long-term viability . The company 's mission and goals governs how it runs its businesses and they also define the company 's strategies

SWOT analysis of the company

The company has various strengths , weaknesses , opportunities as well as threats

Strength 's

Globalization- The Company operates on a global scale since it has spread its operations to more than 200 countries globally . The company also provides services that are appealing to most of the world and it also has a very large market in which it operates thus realizing tremendous revenues

Innovation- The Company has taken airplanes and also tracks and used them differently than the other companies before them and this is quite an innovation . This has made the company to...

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