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the story of an hour

Women have been fighting for their rights for many decades . While women as a whole still have a long ways to go , they are certainly more liberated than they were a century ago . Women today can work outside the home as to gain economic independence . They can vote as to affect policy and law in America . They have more time and more options in their lives today than they did when Chopin wrote The Story of an Hour ' They may be , in some cases , still defined by their gender and social role but

are clearly more liberated than a century ago or any other time in American history . Men are more liberated today as well as they do not have to fit into socially constructed roles as much as they have in the past

Women major cause of liberation today is that women can work outside the home for money . They are not restricted from any particular field of work although there are fields more open to women than others Gender discrimination and concepts like the glass ceiling (women only rising to a certain level are still at play , but conditions are improving . Women still make only about 70 cents to every dollar a man makes for comparable work , which is 30 cents less . The fact that remains that women can work outside the home , which means that they can gain economic freedom , independent of men . A century ago for a woman to choose not to marry , she would have had to have been left money by her family . Today , a woman works her way to the top and may choose to marry based not at all on economics . Women can also gain more than money from their jobs they can gain the kind of personal fulfillment , previously unknown to them . Society has finally conceded that maybe all women are not cut out to be homemakers , to stay at home and raise children . While society at large still expects this , not too many eyebrows raise at stay-at-home dads or women who return to work after six weeks of maternity leave

Even in the work women do today at home , they are provided so many time-saving devices - microwaves , dishwashers , washing machines , etc Tasks can be accomplished in much shorter spans of time . However , this is not completely liberating since women can choose to do more and more instead of taking the time to relax and fulfill themselves . Men also help more than they ever have in housework and childrearing . Granted some men still don 't help much . But there are many others who see marriage as a 50 /50 split or partnership

The biggest change that results in liberation for women is birth control . A century ago women had little or no control over their own reproductive life . Now , they can engage in sexual relations inside or outside of marriage and prevent pregnancy . Women can be in control of when they have children and even if they have children at all...

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