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the stereotype of single mom at north american

Stereotyping single mothers in the U .S

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This is a study of the stereotyping of single motherhood that happened over a period of time

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The birth of a human being is always cherished and considered to be one of the happiest moments in a couple 's lives . But when the scenario changes and it comes to the terminology of `single mother , there is a

br different story that has been weaved over the latter half of the century . The of single mothering has always been a controversial one all over the world and this phenomenon has had changes over the period of years in the United States of America . The concept of single mothering technically is where a female is the sole guardian of a child and it can be attributed to being a divorcee , a widow , a teenage pregnancy , or a pregnancy by choice without marriage . Somehow as humans we have developed a tendency of stereotyping anything and everything that a complacent society can 't digest . In the early years the term single mother in the U .S was largely associated with females accosted with a teenage pregnancy or females bearing children out of relationships . Because of this previous attitude , a single mother was always subjected to problems as they would be left without any support from family as being a single mother especially a teenage one or from a relationship was considered to be taboo in the early part of the 20th century

This proscribed was responsible for a large no . of abortions that took place during that time . As time passed by and as the power of media and television started conversations , on the of being a single mother and it started being used in debates . There was slow transformation of the from a taboo subject to a controversial one . Artists from the industry right from actors to musicians played their part in highlighting single motherhood with their music and sitcoms . The fictional character `Murphy Brown ' had received a lot of glare from moralists and received lot of flak for its open display of single mothering . Times have changed now and today being a single mother is not looked down and is not stereotyped as the way it was before . In the initial times the major stereotype that was associated with a single mother was doing a mistake and today the stereotypes has ended as many females chose to be a single mother . The following will explain a few reasons why today females choose not to abort and in fact purposefully become single mothers by choice

`Career- oriented women prefer not to marry . At the same time , they would like being a mother . Many adopt a child . Some do conceive without the vows of marriage . Sex outside marriage is much accepted now . Women find it convenient to retain their individuality . They need not conform...

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