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Paper Topic:

In his steps


By : Charles M . Sheldon

An essay about comparing how Maxwell , Norman and the shabby stranger each viewed the city of Raymond

IN HIS STEPS Page 1 "For hereunto were ye called because Christ also suffered for you leaving you an example , that ye should follow his steps " - I Peter ii 21 , Chapter 1 , In His steps by Charles Sheldon

The city of Raymond is a wealthy city with Christians living Raymond to be rich and somehow , religious to their extent . They believe that they had followed the

steps of Jesus every day of their lives . Three characters from the story highlighted the story of change of the city of Raymond

Rev . Henry Maxwell is the head of the ministry church wherein he sermons every Sunday in front of a big crowd . He believes that the city of Raymond is a religious city wherein its Christian people live through the words of Jesus and praising Jesus

Perhaps that 's what Rev . Maxwell should say for he lives in Raymond However , things changed when a shabby stranger appeared in front of Rev Maxwell 's door one Friday evening and even showed up on Rev . Maxwell 's Sunday sermon . For ten months , the shabby stranger lost his job . He tried to look at the city of Raymond to find one but somehow , he found out that though the city of Raymond is full of rich and religious people , of them even thought if they have really taken the steps of Jesus

Another fellow from the story is Edward Norman , Raymond Daily News editor . He gives respect to the people of Raymond just like what Rev Maxwell does . He believes that since Raymond is composed of people that live with the words of Jesus , he excludes news that for him is bad to the views of those who believe , What would Jesus do

In my contrary , how would I describe the city of Raymond ? Raymond is a city composed of rich and professional Christians living in a life they believed that they had followed the steps of Jesus until one shabby person came up and told them what he had observed from them - no sympathy and no pity for ragged strangers , and with it , life in the city of Raymond changed


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