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statement of purpose for graduate school admission

The most important aspect of the decision to pursue one 's Master 's degree is the process of choosing the right program and the right institution . In my search for the perfect university to continue my education I researched the programs offered at many different colleges but in the end , of them provided me with the perfect blend of business , management , and politics that I feel would be beneficial in providing me with the right foundation for the rest of my career . The Gallatin School of Individualized Studies at New York University

however , is just the type of institution where I can pursue a program that is specifically designed to help me achieve my goals . For this reason I am looking to become a part of the Individualized Studies program at New York University

Throughout my education and my career I have been focused on being successful in my career endeavors . For a long while I have been particularly interested in being a minister of Economics , a career where I can utilize my business sense and my political skills . In this career it is as important to know about the subjects of business , economics and management as it is to know about political science . For this reason alone it is very difficult to find a program that allows me to integrate my courses around the type of specialized training that is required of someone seeking to become a Minister of Economics . There are three distinct areas of study that are significant in the preparation required for this type of profession : management , business and political science The unique program of study required for this type of degree is not easily found at other universities , but the tailor-made programs available from your institution are a perfect fit for me . The close relationship between the business sense and skill of management and the diplomacy of politics is not always understood but by creating a program of study , along with my MA program advisor , that incorporates courses that teach me the theories and practices of management and the concepts of political science I can prepare myself for a career as a Minister of Economics

My plan for integrating the subjects of management and political science together into a focused and uniform curriculum is simple and unique . I feel that in to be a Minister of Economics I need to first master the art of business management and all that goes with it . I feel that classes designed to focus my attention on business and management theories and practices will enhance my abilities as a leader and a manager . As for my pursuit of an education in political science , all of the political science theories and research into the various aspects of the government will help to increase my diplomacy skills and give me a firmer grasp on the concepts necessary to make me a success in the political arena . Along with my advisor , I will form a plan of study that will...

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