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statement of purpose

Being an educator , one must continually strive for personal development and expand their horizons . One must not stop acquiring skills and information necessary to remain competitive and provide avenues for change . Only by practicing this can I exhaust my true potential while at the same time touching the lives of my students . It is with this notion that I wish to pursue my Ph .D . in TESOL education

My name is Bati bin Suleiman bin Humaid Al-Shkaili and I was born in Ibri in 1974 . Looking at my relevant experience , I completed a

teacher Diploma Certificate in 1993 and I started my job as a teacher of English Language in September 1993 in the Ministry of Education until this time In April 2005 I completed my BA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ) study in the University of Leeds as a part time study some in Oman and some in UK

I feel that I have the sufficient skills and expertise necessary to get accepted in the programme . I know there is still a long way for me to travel on the road of teacher development but I am already at the point where I can get a large amount of satisfaction from using my students learning successfully and at the same time seeing them enjoy in the classroom . Due to this , I want to focus my research on the impact of technology towards the levels of comprehension and motivation while teaching and reading . I see this adequate because of the current trends during this time and I feel my research can contribute to the overall development of my field

With all of these , I do hope that you consider my application in the programme . I am ready to embrace the challenges that the degree can give for I know that it is only through this that I can attain my personal satisfaction and pave the way for learning and development . With your help , I can get the adequate and sufficient training and skill acquisition necessary

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