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speech outline


PURPOSE : To generate an understanding of swine-flu , its causes and symptons . To adopt precautionary measures and deal with in a rational manner

INTRODUCTION : Medical science conquered most diseases known to mankind- thanks to continuos research and development that is happening across the globe . The last decade has seen different kinds of epidemic outbreaks that has taken a toll on lives in different countries . The spread is threatening to spiral across the world , which makes it a challenging issue to the medical fraternity and a huge logistical exercise for

the governments of all nations to help control the spread of swine flu

BODY : I . What is swine flu

It is a type of virus that infects the respiratory tract of hogs

How is it caused

Caused by a particular strain of the influenza virus , just like any other flu . This particular strain (Influenza A , Novel H1N1 or 2009 Swine Flu virus ) originated in pigs (swine ) but has changed itself to be infective to humans

Pigs contract swine flu from other infected swine , particularly in pigpens and herding areas . Flu viruses from birds and people may also infect pigs . Swine influenza passes quickly among pigs , and can cause major losses for pig farmers because of the rate of illness . It is now also possible for infected people to pass swine flu back to other pigs Viruses mutate very rapidly as they are non-living microscopic organisms (microbes ) unlike living animal or plant organisms (like bacteria and microscopic fungi . They can combine...

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