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special investigations unit/ fraud units


Special Investigation Unit : United States Secret Service

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The heads of the United States of America as well as other key officials play an important role in running the government that renders them in great need of protection . Likewise , there are portions of the nation 's institutions that have to be protected for the purpose of maintaining peace and . With these important considerations , there is a need for a special unit

that is intended solely for the purpose of protecting those mentioned above . It is in this reason that the mission of the United States Secret Service is established

What the Unit Does

The task of the said organization is two-fold which requires their goals to be directed toward two primary concerns . These tasks are those related to investigation and protection

With their investigative mission , the agency is originally mandated with the task of investigating counterfeits made to the currency of the United States ( Investigative Mission ' n .d . This responsibility is still carried by the said agency but has expanded to include financial institution fraud , computer and telecommunications fraud , false identification documents , access device fraud , advance fee fraud electronic funds transfers and money laundering as it relates to the agency 's core violations ( Investigative Mission ' n .d . These are all in relation to the present mandate that it has which is to ensure the safety of the system of the nation which is related to payment and financial matters ( Investigative Mission ' n .d

Likewise , their protective mission requires them to act on security threats against the nation 's key officials and those related to them ( Protective Mission ' n .d . This remains to be their primary concern along with their investigative mission

Number of Employees

There is no exact number as to how many employees it currently employs to carry out its mandated task . However , it has 8 divisions under the office of the director and the deputy director . The array of positions includes administration , human resources-related , technical matters investigations , protection , research , legal , inspection , and government and public affairs . As of the moment , there are vacant positions in the organization which needs to be filled up to help in carrying out their responsibilities

Types of Fraud Cases Investigated

With the investigative mission presented above , it has been said that the fraud cases related to the money and payment systems of the nation are the concern of the Secret Service in general . In more specific terms , it deals with fraud related to the currency of the country institutions relating to financial matters , computer and telecommunications , documents that show false identification , access device , advance fee , transfer of funds through electronic means , and money laundering ( Investigative Mission ' n .d

These are all related to the protection of the nation and the maintenance of peace and in the financial sector . With such , the organization is able to establish its presence outside...

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