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The family is the most important institution in the society . There is also diversity in terms of family life from culture to culture . Through times , the world saw changes in the family life . In Russia , after the reign of Lenin and the Bolsheviks , Alexandra Kollontai called for gender equality . Divorce was allowed . As women outnumbered men by 10 , married men found more reason to divorce their wives and look for another girl In China , in the early 20th century , Chinese still held traditional customs : female infanticide marriage was arranged by matchmakers

foot mutilation among women and women were expected to obey their husbands During communism , sex activities outside marriage were allowed . In the Arab regions , the age gap between the husband and the wife narrowed polygamy was less practiced , dress codes were modestly altered and marriage among relatives declined . In Western countries , particularly the more developed nations , working wives increased divorce rate grew and more and more families had single parent . Same-sex marriage was legalized in Some countries

In the past , family tie was strong . Instilling values to the minds of their offspring was more likely because parents could always find time for their children . Today , with equality between men and women is widespread , women have the freedom to explore their potentialities . The children , too , are gradually grasping sense of independence . With newfound freedom , members are slowly getting out from the clutch of their family . Such autonomy is seen as positive and beneficial since it prevents any member of...

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