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sociology of deviance- prostitution

RUNNING HEAD : Prostitution

Sociology of Deviance - Prostitution

Sociology of Deviance - Prostitution


Deviancy , undeniably , is the subject involved in the culture of the profession of prostitution . It defies the community standards that are set to regulate human behavior . In the course of this reading , we have included the deviancy analysis that involves prostitution culture

The majority of academic findings on prostitution have established the actual relationship between physical health , prostitution and risky behaviors . This concentration on disease and drug use does not only blur the whole picture of prostitution

, but also distorts the realities of prostitution for many of these sex workers . Due to the objectivity and specificity perspective of most of these studies , they have neglected the assessment of what these prostitutes perceived as harmful and how they conceptualize and manage the risk . Deviancy progresses in these individuals as they sank deeper in their profession however , these factors need to be critically analyzed in to understand fully the situation of these sex workers (Sanders , 2005


Throughput time , prostitution has greatly been viewed as a deviant behavior since it violates the standards of morality imposed by the religious sectors , local agencies , health principles as well as community perspectives . Moreover , society views these individuals as vectors of other deviant practices . The idea of selling body and offering pleasure or sex service has greatly dismayed the public 's view thereby , considering such behavior and the deviant field

The deals with the issues associated in the deviancy perspective of prostitution . The issues are elaborated by different queries explained in this case

Describe why the behaviors of prostitutes are considered deviant or fails to conform to societal norm

Deviancy has been defined as the actual shift from a standard-norm conforming behavior towards a direct behavior alteration that is not accepted by society or viewed as unacceptable by the minor cultures Prostitution is one of the unaccepted or deviant behaviors that originate from ancestral times . The society views the prostitutes as someone who varyingly , possess lowest status of life in the community Essentially speaking , the main deviant behavior seen in the prostitutes is their willful selling of their body in exchange for material things

Prostitution is known as the oldest profession that has survived the every phases of human civilization . From the earliest times , this profession is known to render short span of pleasure for men accompanied by the right price . Prostitution came into existence in its first and Western variety in and around Mesopotamian temples . Morality has been a long time controversy among these issues that even the periods of earlier civilization criticize such profession

The society views these people as lowly individuals that succumbs the impurity of their behavior in to obtain their living . Moreover women are the only ones involved and recognized to offer such service however , with the advent of modernization , men have also entered the field of prostitution that caters not only for women , but also for males . Systems of prostitution progressed , and behold , age...

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