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sociology- Structural functionalist analysis-Herbert gans ` the positive fuctions of poverty`






Contained herein is an analysis of Hubert Gan 's article on poverty and its functions in society (20-24 . This goal will be achieved by looking into key issues , which include : three forms of poverty functions (manifest , latent , and disinfection , definition of Gans hypothesis explanation and classification of poverty functions , and highlights of alternative poverty functions . The will conclude with this writer 's views on Gans 'work

Manifest function refers to any anticipated or unintended effect on society 's stability and . For instance , governments

and well wishers might develop systems or programs to help the poor only to hurt the intended recipients . Latent function is the opposite of manifest function , because it explains parts of the system designed with the intentions of having effects on society 's stability and Dysfunction refers to the possible disruptive consequences occurring after systems or programs get implemented . This could happen to the entire society or the same

Gans ' hypothesis refers to various ways and means used by individuals or groups as ways of expressing respective cultural traits . These groups choose the traits to portray (usually positive ones ) and leave the negative traits , with hope of being appreciated by the other cultural groups

Gans ' highlighted thirteen functions of poverty . First , poverty exists so the people caught in it could perform the dirty work . This explains why it is the lower class that performs all the menial jobs for middle and upper class colleagues . This first is purely for social reasons Second , the low wages received by the poor serves as subsidies to goods and services consumed by the rich . Indeed , the poor keep receiving meager payments for their hard work without consideration that the rich can afford the said necessities and luxuries at higher prices . This second reasons is for economic reasons given that the poor are losing financially as the rich reap all the benefits . The third function of poverty is to have a division of labor between the poor and the rich in society , a function that is purely social given the arrangement of societal into classes , each depending on the type of work performed . The fourth function involves purchasing of goods not for consumption but to keep them (goods ) in the market place . Such goods include : second hand goods and automobiles . This function is purely economic because it concentrates on retaining obsolete goods in the economy , much to the benefit of the upper class that sells such commodities after utilizing for years

The fifth poverty function is political in nature because it involves helping authorities identify and punish the poor who serve as examples to rest of the society . The sixth function is societal as it separates the poor from rest of society in terms of participating in harmful activities with little care from authorities . Such activities include alcoholism and drug abuse . The seventh reason is cultural , because what is popular (such as music and fashion ) in poverty areas get adopted by rest of the...

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