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How does a sociological view of deviance differ from the commonsense idea that bad people do bad things? A recent study (Mauer, 1999) found that one in three black men between the ages of twenty and twenty-nine is in jail, on probation or on parole. What


Deviant Behaviour (Name (University (Professor (Course /Subject

Deviant Behaviour

A sociological view of deviant behaviour differ from the common sense perspective in the sense that , sociological views take a look at the over all societal impact or result of the behaviour rather than personal bias that corresponds to bad people do bad things ' idea . Normal people would see deviant behaviour almost always in a negative manner Since deviant behaviours are commonly against the norms and the prevalent customary line of thinking . Deviant behaviours is relative not

only to different individuals but with the different communities as well . Such that , a behaviour that is considered as normal or natural in one community might be considered as foul and deviant behaviour in another community . The sociological view of deviant behaviours understand that there are possibilities that deviant behaviours may find its way to be incorporated in the mainstream culture , such case would make deviant behaviour more acceptable and after some time would be considered as a part of what is normal behaviour depending on the acceptance of the people in the community . As indicated in this chapter the cause of one out of three black men ending up in jail lies on a sociological problem . It can be traced back in history with blacks being discriminated and treated unequally as slaves . Ever since , Blacks have tried to separate them from the whites y doing things that whites would not usually do . Although there were laws against discrimination with respect to color and race , it was nevertheless , incorporated in the personal consciousness of individuals to view their race and color superior to others . This is why , upon incarceration , there are claims that whites are treated more lightly than the blacks . Also there is a greater biased against blacks when the subject was on drugs , there seems to be more penalty against cracked cocaine which are primarily used by blacks than powder cocaine which is the one used by whites . This is the reason why , more blacks ended up in jail than the whites


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