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social and emotional development in early adulthood

Emotional and social development in adulthood






Emotional and social development in adulthood


Inherent in the study of human behavior is the basic comprehension towards the life cycle . This life cycle appreciates the stages which every human being shall pass beginning at birth and ending in death With these views , theories are made with the three major assumptions in mind

First the essential premise to the varieties of life cycle theories proposes that there is a sequential of development that is

br successive and clearly defined

Second is the assumption that each individual stage or period comprises of events or crises that need to be resolved for the development to progress in a smooth manner . This is termed as the epigenetic principle (Kaplan et al , 1991 . Whenever an individual fails to attain a resolution to a particular crisis or event , the subsequent periods will manifest that failure in such modes as the individual 's cognitive physical , social and emotional maladaptive behavior

Thirdly , while these stages occur in sequence and contain events or crises that the individual needs to resolve , each stage however reflects a crisis point ' that makes each phase distinct from either of its preceding and succeeding stages (Kaplan et al , 1991 Nature and significance of the study

Erikson is a key figure in the study of developmental psychology . He is instrumental with the current understanding of the different stages of a human life span . This research work is a product of the attempt to expand on the understanding of Erikson 's major work with the integration of several others who are instrumental to a more updated and comprehensive appreciation of the changes and growth that proceed to the development of an adult personality specifically focusing on his emotional and social maturity

The is developed towards a greater understanding of the characteristics of a person in this developmental stage called adulthood . Grand theories are explored alongside more recent models to present an updated portrayal of typical adulthood across cultures , race or persuasions . The is brought to a narrower focus by employing objective inquiry based on two statements of problem which the author attempts to satisfy for the remainder of this short study Statement of the Problem

1 ) What is adulthood and its characteristic features

2 ) What factors contribute to the social and emotional development of adulthood

It is indeed interesting to note the depth of the understanding of man 's multidimensional nature revealed by decades of research with each of the distinct aspects of his personhood . Perhaps considered the most important ' years simply because everything seems to have reached its peak during these times , and perceived as the longest portion among the different stages in the lifespan with all its promise of achievement productivity and procreation


Perspectives in psychology and philosophy in general , are developed to help explain and shed light on various human behaviors that not only boggle and are difficult to understand . There are controversies that ensue and these...

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