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One of the social concerns of our society today is immigration (legal and illegal).


Immigration from a Sociological Perspective

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Immigration of people means transferring to another foreign country and leaving the home country , which entail different reasons but primary of which is the need to find a better job compared to what they currently have (Doherty , 2003 . From the words of one immigrant from Barbados in 1921 , Lyle Small , We heard this was a good , new country where you had the

opportunity to better yourself ' as she refers to the United States in her statement (Doherty , 2003 ,

. 2 . In relation to this immigration , as a social phenomenon , has corresponding manifest and latent functions and dysfunctions

In defining such , Merton (1957 ) states that manifest functions are those that are intended and recognized latent functions are unrecognized and unintended (as cited in Johnson , 1960 . The manifest functions of immigration include the distinct division among the races in terms of rights and opportunities according to the race they belong to (Schuck M 'nz , 1997 . In addition to this , there is also a corresponding impact to the economy in terms of the labor supply Likewise , changes in terms of the population are also expected such that there is an increase in the number of people in a particular country . As for the latent functions of immigration , among these are the changes in the legal statutes in to accommodate more of...

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