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7 slide PPt on any workplace diversity issue

Diversity Management the Era of Globalization Considerations for the Organization that Plans to Go Global As International Business turns into the most Lucrative Business Form Diversity Management in the Era of Globalization Globalization or the integration of world markets entail that international businesses must manage diversity

Diversity management involves acceptance of differences respect and tolerance for people representing all cultures and from varied backgrounds and the achievement of organizational goals by making the best of diversity , e .g . by gathering novel ideas from employees of different nationalities

The Golden Rule Diversity and Global

Ethics International businesses are not only required to respect the ethnicities of their employees , but they must also learn to effectively interact with customers of diverse cultures

International businesses are required to maintain relationships based on universal ethical principles , that is , trust , honesty , responsibility , and integrity . Relationships that are founded on ethical principles with business partners , governments , customers , employees , and other stakeholders are expected to go a long way in helping the international business succeed Dangers of Failing to Manage Diversity in the Multinational Workplace It is obvious that the MNC must show great sensitivity toward employees of different cultures An organization with a culture of hate is most likely to fail in the global marketplace , seeing as it would not be able to value the different cultures and peoples that it intends to work or do business with . The psychology is simple : an organization that hates a particular culture and all of its representatives , including its own employees in the workplace that represent the culture , would fail to satisfy the needs of its consumers belonging to that particular culture Advantages of Managing Diversity in the Multinational Workplace Diversity must be considered an asset . Employees from various cultural , ethnic and linguistic backgrounds may possess special abilities for handling the company 's overseas contacts . A Chinese employee in the global workplace , for instance , would be especially useful in communicating with the global company 's Chinese operations . It is important , therefore , for the company to value its Chinese employee and all other cultures represented by its employees . After all , the employees from diverse backgrounds add special value to the organization as a whole Diversity Management and the Organizational Culture The multinational organization that values diversity among its employees will have an organizational culture that stakeholders around the world may admire and respect

An organization that does not value diversity in the workplace , however , will reflect the negative attitude and discrimination toward diverse groups also in its organizational culture

The organizational culture of a multinational corporation is easily reflected through its products , services , and marketing efforts Conclusion Before going global , an organization must consider that diversity management in the global workplace is especially important as the organizational culture of the multinational corporation is clearly visible to all

Diversity management in the MNC takes account of global ethics . Employees from diverse backgrounds must be respected for they increase the corporation 's understanding of international cultures and ease communication with international stakeholders...

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