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The singer Solution to world Poverty

Running Head : Critique on Singer 's Solution to World Poverty

Critique on Singer 's Solution to World Poverty


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Peter Singer had introduced the philosophy that those who are able must contribute to help the poor . He stresses out in his work that it is the moral obligation of those who can afford to provide help for the poor However , thinking about the different status of a person 's life as stated in the article , When is it

enough to provide help for the poor Are people morally obligated to help the poor ? How much money must an individual give so that it could be said that he had provided the right amount of money to help the poor ? Why not help the poor retain their dignity and work rather than insult them by providing them goods from the funds from other people ? There are many arguments and situations as to why people must or must not help the poor . The different views about helping the poor would be provided in the next few paragraphs of this br

According to Singer , if a person only needs a 20 ,000 then he or she must give the surplus of the money to the poor . He had also stated that instead of living the high life people must learn to sacrifice in to save a life . These statements have made the readers of the article think about how they spend their own money . Spending it right through giving the money to the poor instead of using it as a means to dine out or buy something . Different scenarios have been provided about helping the poor in Singer 's article . First scene was Dora and the poor child who was given to the organ peddlers in to buy a TV . Another scenario is Bob and the child who had been hit by the train , where Bob chose his car rather than the life of the child . It is understandable for people to judge somebody as stated in the article , as stated most would have judged both Dora and Bob for the things that they did However , one cannot say what one can do if they are in a situation similar to the ones that had happened between Dora and Bob

The proponent of this believes that poor people must be helped Help people in a sense that the people must provide means to help the poor get out from poverty by providing them jobs . As stated by Asante in his article about Giving the poor money is not an answer to poverty Singer may have believe in providing the poor money to help them survive . However , it is better for the people to believe the case that they must help and at the same time retain the dignity of the person they are helping . It is not good for the poor to assume that there are always rich people...

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