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shortage of nurses


The Growing Need for Competent Individuals to Fill In the Position


UNSELFISHNESS , though essential , is not enough to make a proficient nurse . Good nurses also need extensive training and a breadth of experience . One essential requirement is from one to four years or more of study and practical training . But what qualities make a good nurse

The doctor heals , but the nurse cares for the patient . This often requires building up patients that have been damaged both inside and outside when , for example , they are informed that they have

a chronic disease or will face imminent death . You have to be a mother to the sick person ' - Carmen Gilmartnn , Spain

It is necessary to be able to feel the pain and anguish that the patient feels and to want to help . Kindness and long-suffering are needed . You must always want to learn more about nursing and medicine - Tadashi Hatano , Japan

In recent years nurses have needed more and more professional knowledge . Therefore , the desire to study and the ability to understand what is studied are essential . Also , nurses need to make speedy judgments and to take swift action when the situation demands it ' - Keiko Kawane , Japan

As a nurse , you have to show warmth . You must be tolerant and show empathy ' - Araceli Garcna Padilla , Mexico

A good nurse must be studious , observant , and extremely professional If a nurse is not self-sacrificing - if he or she has a selfish streak or resents advice from others higher up the medical hierarchy - that nurse will become unsuitable both for patients and for colleagues ' - Roswngela Santos , Brazil

Several qualities are indispensable : flexibility , tolerance , and patience . You also have to be open-minded , with the ability to get on well with your colleagues and the medical hierarchy . You have to be quick to assimilate new skills in to remain efficient ' - Marc Koehler , France

You must love people and really want to help others . You have to be able to cope with stress because in the nursing world , it is all or nothing . You must be adaptable in to do the same work when at times you have fewer fellow workers - without compromising quality ' - Claudia Rijker-Baker , Netherlands

Nursing in Today 's World states that nursing is concerned with caring for the person in a variety of health-related situations . Thus , we think of medicine being involved in the cure of the patient and nursing with the care of that patient (Source : 6 . Collins , M . S , Ed (2003 . Teaching /Learning Activities for Rural Community-Based Nursing Practice . Helene Fuld Summer Institute for Rural Community Health Nursing . Binghamton , NY , Decker School of Nursing , Binghamton University

Hence , a nurse is a caregiver . Obviously , therefore , the nurse has to care . Some time ago 1 ,200 registered nurses were asked , What 's most important to you in your work as a nurse ' Providing quality care was the answer that 98 percent gave . Sometimes nurses underestimate their value to the patients . What are the...

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