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short questions/ questionnaire social studies

A Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research Defined

A qualitative research is research method often use in the social sciences to enable researchers to study social and cultural phenomena (Myers , 1997 on Hunt , 2006 . Social scientists and other researchers for social studies use or decide to carry out such method in to investigate real-life situations for the application of ideas , rules theories or strategies . For example , when a social worker wants to determine the effective strategies on improving the community , he might as well investigate on the behavior on that particular community . A

researcher may also opt to use qualitative method of research in to discover or prove something

Therefore , a qualitative research may not necessarily involved numerical or quantifiable data like the quantitative method of research . Data used in a qualitative research are often the perceptions , views or behavior of a particular person or group of persons at a given time views may change over time and are only applicable on a given environment thus any analysis and conclusion that can be made out of the research is not really fixed . For example , perceptions about the homosexuality or the roles of women in the society 10 years ago are definitely different from the perceptions of people today . At the same time , the perceptions of the people in the United States on homosexuality may differ from that of the Chinese

A qualitative research uses primary and secondary sources for collecting data . Primary sources are the source of raw data or original documents that has been gathered originally by the researcher himself Examples of primary sources are answers to questionnaires , unedited voice record from an interview , a video tape , or an event or account witnessed or observed personally by the researcher . Secondary sources on the other hand are sources of data previously collected or observed by earlier studies usually from books , journals , news articles or reviews . Secondary sources are often used to find some evidences that will make the research valid or served as the theoretical framework of the current research thus secondary sources must be reliable Additionally , data from primary sources are gathered using different methods that can be used by the researcher such as interview , focus group , or direct observation . In particular , direct observation is commonly used to determine the common perception of individuals and when data are possible to be analyzed even without the participation of the researcher in the environment to be observed . Direct observation may be conducted through interviews or survey using questionnaires which will be the basis of any analysis or conclusion to be made . Below is case study which was used to analyze the views of individuals about abortion

Case Study : Is Abortion an Accepted Practice

This study investigated on the views of 8 individuals , 4 women and 4 men , aged 21 to 35 , and are all single . The participants are all working and are all professionals from different fields and are from different races : 2 White male Americans , 2 British women , 2 Chinese...

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