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shaw pygmalion

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain ' a few snippets from the all so memorable lines from both the play , Pygmalion , and its silver screen version , the 1938 film , Pygmalion ' There are few departures from the on-screen adaptation of what is perhaps one of Shaw 's greatest works , Pygmalion . The essence of the story is faithful right up until the very end where one of the more important implications of both the film and the play take place . In the interests of an academic discussion , however , this discourse will also delve

into the other points of difference between the film and the play and how they have affected the overall effectiveness and entertainment value of each . It is submitted therefore that while there have been key changes between the movie and the play these changes were prompted by the differences in the expectations of the audience and readers as to the type of media Pygmalion was presented in

One of the first elements that one will notice upon comparing the play with the movie is the fact that a great deal of the witty banter that accompanied the lessons of Eliza was strangely not present in the play Though this may have been explained by some critics as the price for on-screen adaptation , it removes a crucial element for both . In the play , this would have added more feel for the characters

A second point that should be made is with regard to the subversion of the author 's intention . The so-called romance between Eliza and Higgins was never really found in the original script . The theme that Shaw chose to play with had nothing to do with a blossoming romance or realization between Eliza and Higgins . Instead , the theme was supposed to be with regard to the understanding and acceptance by Eliza that she is more than just an experiment in sociology but rather a human being who is entitled to just as much respect as any other person . This is a critical development in the play which has consistently been subverted in the movie adaptation of Pygmalion

Leslie Howard 's version is a perfect example of just how this main theme was altered . It was realized by most producers that the public would want something more from the story than just Eliza 's realization and transformation into an independent woman . Such a platonic ending between Eliza and Higgins as that contained in the original play would never be acceptable . As such , Shaw eventually married her off to Freddie . This still did not affect the fact that movie would have the romance pursued , thus completing the Cinderella story that the audience craved for

Another key scene that was altered from the original play had to do with the ballroom scene that was added . This was aimed at emphasizing the change that had occurred with Eliza . We were above that in Convent Garden .I sold flowers . I didn 't sell myself . Now you 've made a lady of...

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