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How serfdom saved the womens movement



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October 8 , 2008

How Serfdom Save the Women 's Movement : A Summary

Flanagan in this article expresses the different roles that women play in this society . This was told in point of view of a woman once and innocent girl of 15 years girl , later grew and got married to realize her predicament which the society dictate her to be . The article speaks of her observations and experiences and talked of a nanny , a nurse , a waitress , a mother , a single mother , a domestic helper

, a factory worker , and herself as a working mother . Several characters where in fact introduced and their features are sometimes presented but they all revolved to the theme that women in the society are relegated to a lesser class human being as compared to their male counterpart . The women worked hard but received meager pay and seldom get better positions in a company

The article speaks of wives and mothers who are expected to raise their children , do the household chores , but do not get so much in return . It speaks of the desire of women to have professional works while they perform their roles as loving mother and a good wife . The presence of a nanny in the house provides more freedom for a working mother to have more time for herself and for her outside work for the home . Nanny or domestic helper or workers are most welcome by working mothers this is so because they unburden the mother of the tasks and responsibilities of taking care of the needs of the children

Nanny , or domestic helper , or a nurse in the house , or a secretary in an office is still a form of slavery . It is a serfdom that inspired the women to organize and empower themselves to gain freedom and recognition in this society

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