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Reflecting on your personal experiences or circumstances , tell us something about yourself not already or sufficiently communicated in your application that distinguishes you as a potential scholarship candidate

Darcy Wentworth Thompson , a mathematician , had once said that the harmony of the world is manifested in form and number . His words briefly , but concisely described the underlying passion I have in the study of physics and mathematics . I believe that every natural event can be explained by physics and math . It was for this reason that I would like to earn a

degree in engineering at the University of California . With this degree , I would be able to achieve two things The first of which is to achieve my childhood dream to become an engineer for NASA . The second and more important is to be able to become a contributor to the advancement and betterment of human society as a whole

My love for physics , mathematics and the field of engineering was apparent ever since I was a child . While my peers play with their dolls , I would entertain myself by pretending that I was a brilliant engineer who had invented a gadget that greatly benefited human society that it had won me much prestige and honor . I carried this passion while I was in elementary and middle school . I would participate in statewide and nationwide math and physics Olympics . However , I soon discovered that living in my country of origin would hinder my dream Engineering still remains a profession solely for males . In to realize my dream , my supportive parents sacrificed all that they had in for us to migrate to the United States in December 2004

Living in another country proved to have its own challenges . I was unable to attend school immediately because of my inability to communicate in English . But I never saw this as an obstacle . I am a person who welcomes challenges and not see these as hindrances to attain my goal , and once I have set my goal , I am extremely determined to overcome this to the best of my abilities and would never be overcome by frustration . I have proven this when I realized that the only way for me to become an engineer working in NASA , I would need to overcome this challenge brought about by my lack of knowledge in the English language With this in mind , I was not only able to become fluent in the English language in three short months , but I was able to earn a promotion at the StoneFire Grill where I was employed

My other drive to earn an engineering degree at the University of California and work in NASA is my desire to make human society better for everyone . This began when I visited Iran in 2007 and volunteered at the Tehran Clinic Hospital . It was here that I discovered that it only takes one individual to make a huge impact in another person 's life . I then understood that I , too...

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