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If you could say one thing to the entire world at once, what would it be and why

World peace ' Love one another ' End world hunger ' These statements are probably the most suitable ones to tell the whole world especially in these difficult times of war , hatred , and hunger Nevertheless , these statements have been heard by almost everyone for countless of times and yet wars still persist , hatred still fills the air , and people still suffer from hunger

So if I would be given the chance to say one thing to the entire world at once , it will be something realistic , something achievable , something like , Let us take a moment

of silence , please ' Then pause

Silence means a lot of different things for different individuals and for various disciplines . According to Davide Melodia , some are silent because they have nothing to say , others to listen , some so as not to tell the truth , few because they are afraid , others because they are proud , and some in their own way eloquent (qtd . in Elon University . Yet with my instruction for every single human being to be silent , I just wish them to be simply that - completely silent

The world today is hearing various noises caused by humans and the products of technology . For once , I wish not to hear anything - no warring factions , libelous statements , grating machines , not even happy remarks , constructive criticism , or pronouncement of love . In this moment of silence I do not aim to achieve a big goal but simply to have everyone stand or sit quietly some would perhaps reflect about their lives , others would...

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