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rough draft of persuasive essay

Television Advertising

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The television as a technological feat is duly recognized by humankind Television continues to be a potent tool in man 's endeavours in all of the universe . Good television teaches children essential values . Parents watching television with their children can take the chance to interact with their kids using the media as springboard . Television as visual and audio can reach multi-cultural dynamics between men and women . Overall television has been

a crucial tool in man 's cultural development

Like many social activities , advertising has taken advantage of this technological feat to serve its own interests . With advertising television programming has been sustaining and evolving to serve more interests . Advertising money has been fueling the broadcast and television industry . And where does this advertising money come from From no one else but avid consumers who are glued to the idiot box ever since they were born . It is estimated that a child watches 40 ,000 commercials per year . Companies spend more than 12 billion per year on advertising specifically targeted for children and the youth

There is need for community concerted effort to advocate responsible advertising . More and more , issues against irresponsible , unethical advertising has plagued the television that 's just been part victim in a psychological catastrophe claiming the hope of this nation . Just to name two cases , television advertising has been proven to part culprit on social diseases lurking right inside our living rooms . Obesity and numbness to violence are just some of the illnesses that have been plaguing people of this consumer obsessed nation . Nearly two-thirds of kids under 2 spend a couple of hours a day in front of the screen (The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that children under 2 not watch TV at all (CNN , 2003

Advertising cannot expect their young viewers to interpret their commercial claims . Psychologist has time and again warned the public that viewers cannot always turn on their critical

Because younger children do not understand persuasive intent in advertising , they are easy targets for commercial persuasion ' said psychologist Brian Wilcox , Ph .D , Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center on Children , Families and the Law at the University of Nebraska and chair of the task force . This is a critical concern because the most common products marketed to children are sugared cereals , candies , sweets , sodas and snack foods . Such advertising of unhealthy food products to young children contributes to poor nutritional habits that may last a lifetime and be a variable in the current epidemic of obesity among kids (Wilenz , 2004

Television programming has turned more violent and sexual undertones have already surfaced . Studies had been conducted on the effects of TV violence on children and teenagers . These studies find that children

1 . become "immune " or numb to the horror of violence

2 . gradually accept violence as a way to solve problems

3 . imitate the violence they observe on television and


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