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Amy Lowell


Some people live life unsung , unknown and uncelebrated . These people die without people having memories of them . Their names buried at the last breath their prints washed off the sand of time . On the other hand , some others live an indelible mark on the sand of time , their names inscribed on the annals of history . Amy Powell is such a woman . Not only was she a poet , she was a critic , biographer , socialite and is noted for promoting the Imagist school of poetry


Amy Lowell was

born in Brookline , Massachusetts on 9 February , 1874 to Augustus Lowell and Katherine Bigelow Lawrence , a prominent and aristocratic family in England . She was initially tutored at home but later attended private schools in Boston . However , due to the prejudice held by her family on a university education for a woman , she was not allowed to go to university . Not allowing this to weigh her down , she developed a habit of reading and general book collection . She read wide and was known for her intelligence in several disciplines . She lived her life as a socialite , always traveling in the company of her family . Her interest in literature can be said to have been spurred at a tender age when herself , her mother and her sister wrote a book which the titled Dream Drops or Stories from Fairy Land by a Dreamer

Amy Lowell was known for her influence on the imagist school of poetry She held the belief that one of the unique characteristic of poetry is the use of imagery . This is best captured in her quote that "concentration is of the very essence of poetry " and strove to "produce poetry that is hard and clear , never blurred nor indefinite " She is known today as one of the female poets that America has ever produced She was responsible for the growth of imagist poetry in America as she collected several imagery poems and made an anthology from the collection which was published in 1915

Amy Lowell was alleged to have been influenced by the works of John Keats , who she has started the collection of his works since 1905 . Due to her fascination with his work , Amy did a biography on the poet which was on an extensive account of his day to day life . Due to the tasking nature of this work , her health was affected . She developed bad eyesight and had problems with her hernia . In May of 1925 , she was diagnosed for acute hernia but barely a week later she disobeyed the doctor by getting out of bed and was struck with a massive cerebral hemorrhage . She died on 12 May , 1925 at the age of 51

Her Life At a tender age , Amy Lowell was said to be indifferent to school but was always interested in anything that had to do with noise and lacked of decorum . At school she was said to be a source of havoc and always threatening the peace of the...

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