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the role of women in "to the lighthouse'

Role of Women in To the Lighthouse

Virginia Woolf is an outstanding and unique novelist who portrays the inner self of the human mind rather than the happenings in the external life . Woolf 's To the Lighthouse deals with the conflict between the feminine and masculine values which is universal in nature . The women in the fiction represent both extremes of femininity . There are two women characters Mrs . Ramsay a stereotypical emotional woman who fits well into the framework of a patriarchal definition of womanhood and Lily Briscoe , the representative of the

new age woman imbibing the principles of modernity . Both these women have a different perspective towards life and are involved in an intense search for a meaning for their life . This essay focuses on the multifaceted roles played by these two women and their impact on the individuals and the society as a whole

Mrs . Ramsay is the protagonist of the fiction and much akin to all other women she is involved in fulfilling the needs of her husband , rearing her children , playing the role of a perfect host ad involves n gossips and rumors . She is emotional by nature and is utterly passive and submissive to her husband . On the other hand she is also independent to a certain level when it comes to rearing her children and arranging for a banquet . Her degree of independence ends at this level and it is the sole prerogative of Mr . Ramsay when it comes to the higher level decisions...

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