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The role of women in Hemingway books.

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Ernest Hemingway 's life can be compared to the books he made and popularize during his career . His mother , Grace Hall dressed him as a little girl during his childhood and eventually calls her neurotic . In spite of having a troubled childhood and a stormy married life earning him to marry four times , he was considered a serious writer and known as one of the most influential figure in literary writing . Some of his books gathered recognition as the The

Old Man and the Sea which gave him the award for 1953 Pulitzer Prize and the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature . But aside from earning success and fame with his works Hemingway has been sometimes considered as scarred psychologically and an imbalanced literary genius . He attempted suicide in 1961 and underwent treatments . But after only few weeks of his treatment he again committed suicide and was successful in shooting himself in the head using a shotgun

During his career , Hemingway has always been controversial with regards with his writing . He was openly criticized by his critics because of the negative portrayal of women in his books . People however did not notice that some of the scholarships he gave for literary studies were granted to women . Although he was influenced by the unconventional understanding of women probably developed during his childhood , some observers claim that the result of this experience surface on the struggles of women in his works . But as we have learned , reading his stories concludes their meaning according to our perception as a reader . Therefore , we can conclude that there could or could not have been arguments of gender issues in his writings especially when it discusses various roles of women in his literary writings . Let us take a look at three of the famous stories Hemingway created and see what we can find out about the role of women in these great stories

A Farewell to Arms (1929 ) - The story is related in five books and focus on the characters of Lieutenant Frederic Henry and his girlfriend Catherine Barkley . Henry is an American who volunteered to be an ambulance driver for the Italian army . The Italian armies were engaged in war along with the allies against the German forces . The setting was in World War I . While doing his job as an ambulance driver , Henry 's vehicle was fired upon by a mortar wounding him in the knee . He was taken to a hospital in Milan , Italy to undergo surgery and to recuperate . Catherine Barkley , the nurse whom Henry is passionate about was also working in the same hospital where Henry was taken . A friend of Henry introduces her while Catherine serves as a nurse in a hospital where Henry and other Italian soldiers camp . Henry was fortunate enough to find her there because he did not want to show his friend that Catherine also interest him

Unfortunately Catherine was still mourning for...

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