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role of perception in conflict

Running Head : Role of Perception in Conflict

Role of Perception in Conflict (Name (School (Instructor (Subject or Course

Role of Perception in Conflict

Each individual has different backgrounds and upbringing thus creating dissimilar perceptions on certain situations and to certain people as well . As defined , perception is our sensory experience of the world around us and involves both the recognition of environmental stimuli and actions in response to these stimuli (Wagner . Previous experiences of an individual influence our reactions to certain situations

In the case study , Frank perceived Reno as a

novice who needs his guidance in the workplace especially on how things are done but to Reno Frank 's constant instructions make him feel like he 's an idiot (Half Empty . Half Full . Frank is used to people who knows what he wants to be done but he thinks he has to direct Reno every step of the way in doing his work . Reno on the other hand was insulted because according to him he graduated with a B .S . degree and knows how to be a paralegal therefore he does not need to be constantly told what to do

Each individual shapes certain perceptions of each other based on one 's age , the culture he or she was brought out , the family origin and previous personal experiences . Sometimes perceptions are formed based on false circumstances and result to erroneous actions among a group

In most cases , communication especially in the workplace is very much imperative for the group to function efficiently . It is essential for each individual to co-exist in one environment and get to know one another first to create a harmonious environment . Usually , first impressions or perceptions of a particular person are not in actuality the real case . Perceptions may help or may hinder pleasant relationships among a group of individuals just like in an office and it is always of the essence to be open or flexible in managing people


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